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Original Chemo Beanies® created by survivors for survivors as a simple solution to the added burden women face during a serious health crisis.

Navy Ruffle Signature slip-on beanie adds feminine volume, producing the subtle look and feel of having hair. The unique elastic design stretches for a comfortable and easy fit. Slips on and off with ease; No tying necessary. Our patented design features a fluent fabric flap for a polished look that provides full coverage around the nape of the neck. Chemo Beanies® ends the search for the perfect fashionable fit and allows women to spend precious time focusing on their healthcare, not their headwear. 

machine wash cold/lay flat to dry

93% Polychiffon 7% Spandex, elastic band, nylon thread

Courage is Always in Fashion®

Chemo Beanies®

Our Beanies are named after warriors we've met on our journey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stacey Tarrant
Comfortable and flattering.

I have bought many styles by various brands. These are my favorite and I ended up buying more in more colors. They are soft, cool and comfortable. And the style is more flattering than other styles. Feminine, without the long scarves some others have attached which is for me, too much. These are perfect.

Gloria Marcelli

I'VE NOW ORDERED AT LEAST 9 CHEMO BEANIES AND I WOULD LOVE EVERY COLOR. I have ordered many others from other vendors but these seem to hide the most while allowing the patient to feel feminine and allowing your head to breathe. They really are the most comfortable. To be honest, I'd like even MORE ruffles to give more volume and I hope they'll consider that.

Kate Primeau

Oh I have so enjoyed the chemo beanies I got through this shop! I wore a new ruffled one today and got so many compliments. They are the best and great customer service as well. Can't go wrong with a product so right!!

Peppi Talley

I used chemo beanies 10 years ago when I went through chemo and lost my hair. They are so very soft and stylish. I wore them over halo hair. I now buy them for friends going through chemo.