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Excellent product

I love how the chemo beanies actually fit your head without moving around. I've received many compliments on how they look also.

Beautiful and lovely

ALL of the ruffle chemo beanies are elegant, classy and stylish. They are very well made and last last forever. I have many and they help me feel bold and beautiful. I receive so many compliments (I hope more colors come out like forest green or gold :). These ruffle chemo beanies are a blessing.

Great product
Customers are enjoying the light fabric and fit

UofL Health Brown Cancer Center

My name is Lori Woods and I have been the Brown Cancer Center Resource Lead Coordinator for 12 years now. I have been the person who has ordered the Chemo beanies all these years. Our patients love the beanies. Angelle is one of the favorites. With the ruffles this makes texture on the head and with the light weight material it is good for breathing. Wonderful quality and great price. Thank you Chemo Beanies for all the wonderful Beanies you have.

Scarves - Chemo Beanies® - Molly

These beanies are my favorite cause they are cute and stylish and feminine and offer a lot more coverage on the face and neck. I had to have a surgery on the side of my head and neck and these offer way more coverage. I would love to see and green and yellow option. Thanks Again


These chemo beanies are my favorite go to during my chemo journey. They cover your ears and neck, as not to feel so naked, the ruffles are a sweet Demi June touch..:.they make me feel from another time .


Cute layers of ruffles, soft fabric and ver comfortable

Really comfortable!

There's a reason that Chemo Beanies get so many five-star reviews: these are genuinely nice hats! They look good and they're so much more comfortable than regular hats, plus they have exceptional coverage. The design is simply superior. I was given three as a gift, and I really appreciate them.


I'm wearing this hat right now. It's comfortable and covers my whole scalp nicely. I'm very happy with it!


This hat is truly comfortable and covers my entire scalp. Very nice!

Awesome thanks

Thank you for the Beanies they are amazing

Excellent 👌

Beanie scarves

Still using my scarves from 8 yrs ago on bad hair days. Not just for chemo patients.

Scarves - Chemo Beanies

Scarves - Chemo Beanies
Hello Angeles
I love my Chemo Beanies. I have brain aneurysm so the wig hurts my head. No pressure from the Chemo Beanies. I wish I could have bought more.
I wish they weren't so expensive. Maybe next month I can order more but not right now.
Thank you

Frequent customer

I have at least 10 of these beanies. The darker colors cover my head. Better than the lighter colors. I would avoid white or light gray or tan

Soooooo adorable ..and easy!

Love both caps, especially the blue one.

Cool cap

Love it

They are absolutely awesome I love them

Favorite coverage

I have several types of hats, scarves, and other head coverings, but find myself wearing a Chemo Beanie most often and ordered several more in various colors. They are a good weight and fit well. I like the textured appearance of the ruffles and the short neck coverage provides additional warmth against cold air without interfering with collars as longer scarves can.

SO comfy!

I gave these to my SIL who is receiving chemo and she LOVES them!


Although I didn't have chemo, I love the beanie.. and will order more for me and as gift..

Love this style because of the texture is different from a lot of the others.


Not only were yall the only store near me (an hour away), the lady in the store was so sweet and let me try on samples and was very helpful and patient. I absolutely love my head covers and it was special to buy one with my name. The lady there even said she would pray for me. It was a comforting experience


I love my ruffle chemo beanies. They are stylish, I get so many compliments. And with my order, I receive a hand written note of encouragement that boasts my confidence.

Lovely note

I really appreciated the hand written note.