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Original Chemo Beanies® created by survivors for survivors as a simple solution to the added burden women face during a serious health crisis.

Creme Ruffle Signature slip-on beanie adds feminine volume, producing the subtle look and feel of having hair. The unique elastic design stretches for a comfortable and easy fit. Slips on and off with ease; No tying necessary. Our patented design features a fluent fabric flap for a polished look that provides full coverage around the nape of the neck. Chemo Beanies® ends the search for the perfect fashionable fit and allows women to spend precious time focusing on their healthcare, not their headwear. 

machine wash cold/lay flat to dry

93% Polychiffon 7% Spandex, elastic band, nylon thread

Courage is Always in Fashion®

Chemo Beanies®

Our Beanies are named after warriors we've met on our journey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sherry C Roberts
don't itch

Chemo Beanies are light, don't itch, they stretch easily and they are easy to put on since their shape is already formed and they come in many colors.

Debbie Costello
Fantastic chemo beanie

A little bit dressier than my usual chemo headgear. Soft and easy to wear.

Linda Seve
Beautiful head piece

Now I have ordered a few head wraps / beanies on line . But this beanie is very well made and the fabric is soft and easy to adjust it has a soft frill that is pretty .
The design is spot on !!!! The hidden elastic is awesome and hidden. I feel lovely wearing it.
I will be in India soon on a Yatra with a beautiful kundalini yoga community. I am in good health and will send out healing vibrations and love so draw on it during your quiet time .
Namaste Linda ji 🙏🏻👳🏻