Chemo Beanies® head cover Knits were designed for a fashion forward woman enjoys soft, textured fabrics and prefers structured coverage and the look and feel of added volume.

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Love this style because of the texture is different from a lot of the others.


Not only were yall the only store near me (an hour away), the lady in the store was so sweet and let me try on samples and was very helpful and patient. I absolutely love my head covers and it was special to buy one with my name. The lady there even said she would pray for me. It was a comforting experience


I love my ruffle chemo beanies. They are stylish, I get so many compliments. And with my order, I receive a hand written note of encouragement that boasts my confidence.

Lovely note

I really appreciated the hand written note.

Cheryl Schlote


Love the way it fits

Great quality

Great quality and beautiful beanies. Sandra was the absolute sweetest when going out of her way to help me.

It’s soft and flattering. This has become my go-to cap and I have ordered more in different colors.

The cap is soft and flattering. I After buying two of these caps, I purchased more in different colors. These are my favorite go-to caps

Great product and service

I love them! They came fast; they are easy to wear. Lots of compliments.

Scarves - Chemo Beanies® - Melissa


Fashionable, comfortable, and does not cause my head to hurt - which is a miracle as I am so sensitive and a migraine sufferer as well. PLUS - the uplifting and positive handwritten note made me cry and remember I’m not alone!!


The chemo beanies are perfect for anyone with hair loss caused by chemo or alopecia. I have alopecia and wear a wig when I go out. The chemo beanies are perfect at home, doing yardwork, at the beach. They don’t hurt sensitive skin and the ruffle ones add dimension. I have 4 and I have gifted a couple to friends.

Classy, beautiful and elegant

I have purchased several. Very stylish. I feel empowered and beautiful. I also receive a handwritten note that makes me feel cared for. I am looking forward to more colors coming out. I want to thank this team SO much.

Showing love

My order came quickly with 2 very comfortable beanies. However, the best part of my order was the hand written personalized card that came with them! It shows that they really care about their customers. Thank you for supporting chemo patients!

Scarves - Chemo Beanies® - Taylor

Xiomara Sánchez


Scarves - Chemo Beanies® - Cindy
Awesome Scarf

This is a great scarf! The ruffled style is really cute and the fit is wonderful, too. It is SO much better than the scarves you usually see!

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Morgan Schlosser
Love em!

Great fit. Super comfortable and very stylish. Thank you for helping me along my journey.

I love the Emma beanie.

Love all the ones I purchased for our organization.

The service from you could not have been any better. Loved talking with Sandra and all her help with placing our order. Thank you for support.

Well made, light weight

Well made, soft, light weight chemo beanies. Perfect for hot summer months.

Generous Company

Generous company willing to support those fighting! Quick shipping and excellent customer service!

Ruffle beanie

I love the ruffles because I sweat less and it is pretty and gives my head a little lift.

Wonderful beanies

These are by far the best fitting prettiest beanies I have bought while having my chemo.